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Almeda University Background Image

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Almeda University Reviews

There are three synonyms that identify Almeda University: Almeda International University; Almeda College; and Almeda College and University. You will see all of these terms when you read Almeda University reviews. There has been a hullabaloo on issues regarding the registration of this University, and more contentiously, the issues regarding the accreditation of this learning institution.

Foremost, it is important to note that the learning institution traces its origins back to the year 1997. When reading Almeda University reviews, you will learn that the institution is an online University, a marked departure from the brick and mortar institutions that one would associate with a tertiary institution. The legal identity of the college is registered in the state of Idaho. The learning institution offers courses at both the graduate and undergraduate level. In addition to this, the institution offer in excess of one thousand technical courses and professional certification programs via e- learning.

As a legal entity, Almeda is registered in the Caribbean state of Nevin. It claims its accreditation status by the Council for Distance Education Accreditation, the Interfaith Accreditation Ministries, and the Association of Online Academic excellence. This is how the learning institution essentially claims its accreditation status. The business associations that are mentioned in regard to their affiliation with Almeda College are as follows:
 The Association of International Education Assessors: This is essentially a consortium of select agencies and organizations that are committed to ensuring that e-learning is not only a reality, but a reality that ensures high ethical standards are maintained.

 The Netcheck Commerce Bureau: Established in the year 2005, this entities primary goal is to ensure that consumer confidence is uplifted with regard to making purchases online. It also works to ensure that ethical business practices are maintained online.

 USDLA: This entity essentially ensures that the needs of the distance learning community are protected by ensuring that adequate information with regard to the choices that they make, as well as network on issues that affect this constituency.

On accreditation, one or two things have to be understood from the outset. Foremost, is the fact that the accrediting body is what essentially provides the guidelines on the quality of degree that a person receives. It is also important to note that many Universities do not accept the transfer of credits from other learning institutions. This has a lot to do with issues of accrediting asymmetries as opposed to the quality of document being offered. In the event that you might want to transfer credits accrued at Almeda University, it is important to determine whether the institution will accept their papers. These are all things that can be learned by reading different Almeda University reviews and reading the Almeda website.



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